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Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Ruined Kingdom
Type Ruins
Region Northeastern Remon (Third Age)
Size Small city
Political Information
Faction(s) Stormborn
Historical Information

Dar'Cenrath, later known as the Ruined Kingdom, is a former city-state which lay in ruins nestled somewhere within the northern mountain range of Remon in the Third Age. It is also the former place of worship for the Stormborn and birthplace of the Godslayer and The Shadow, although few people know about the connection between them and the ruins. Dar'Cenrath has many ruined houses and a large temple which collapsed after the rescue of Marcus Sarillius in 1017 AE. Many treasure hunters often go to the ruined city in search of valuable artifacts, but few return alive or sane.


Not many things are known about the inhabitants of the city other than that they were advanced, had ties to the Stormborn cult and lived a very long time ago. They knew of the existence of the Andain and maybe even lived with them, because they had a magical mirror within their temple that had many of the Laws of the Andain written within it. The mirror actually contains a link to the Void where strange shadowy creatures originate from. When it shattered during the rescue mission of the kidnapped Marcus Sarillius, shadows began appearing in the vicinity of the temple which had contained the mirror.

The lives of the populace of Dar'Cenrath were sacrificed in ancient times to create a powerful artifact known as the Dragon Diamond which was used to imprison the spirit of the dark dragon, Frazzn'korth. Eventually the city itself faded from memory and became only known as the Ruined Kingdom which only the most obscure tomes spoke of.

Two battles have taken place in Dar'Cenrath in the Third Age, and these are commonly referred to as the Battle of Dar'Cenrath.

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