The Dagger of Renu was a magical dagger owned by King Renu of Nefarious in the First Age. It could leech life from those it stabbed much like the crystal sword Krystallopyr. After Renu's fall, the dagger was lost until it was recovered from Lea Monde by Leon Alcibiates who tried to use it to kill Arawn Losstarot in the Second Age. Leon failed, however, and Arawn killed him with the dagger by leeching his Andain powers and storing them into the dagger. Arawn later used the dagger to kill Kagetsu I during the Second Battle of Lea Monde but Kagetsu managed to slay Arawn too with help from Krystallopyr. The combined energies of the two powerful wizards as well as the clashing dagger and Krystallopyr caused the Explosion which ended the Second Age. The Dagger of Renu wasn't seen again.

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