Col Alatose
Status: Dead
Age: 86 (at time of death)
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Red Mage
Nation: Remon
Faction: Bouken Eiyu
Era: Third Age

Col Alatose was a red mage who ended up joining the Bouken Eiyu. He followed the group to Daisuke's Palace and was never seen again.


Early YearsEdit

Col had a depressing life. At 6 half his family was murdered by an unknown group of bandits, he never could fit in and always felt unhappy until he met Tiffany, his love who understood him and loved him for who he was. They were madly in love, and he couldn't wait to propose to her until at his mother's birthday party.

His father and his group of assassins killed the rest of Col's family and mother and captured Tiffany. The assassin leader tied Col up to the river port and took Tiffany somewhere else where the assassins killed Tiffany and threw her down the yearly flood by the port Col was tied to. They thought Col died, but he escaped and found Tiffany's mangled corpse.

Col left Remonton soon after in order to roam the fields and settled down a bit at 20 in a plain. He lived there until he thought it was time to return to civilization. He bought a house in Remonton and lived there trying to find another love. Yet like when he was young, he couldn't fit in and no one understood him and he lived in sorrow and determination for 6 years until he chose to travel abroad once again, this time to Yamato.

Distreyd EraEdit

Col ended up in Oreinashi where he joined the Bouken Eiyu, a group of adventurers with whom he hoped to bond. Kiero Manasabe, the leader of the group, hated his guts, but Col was allowed to stay because the group needed meatshields. They travelled to Daisuke's Palace where they hoped to find treasure.


Col perished in Daisuke's Palace along with several other Bouken Eiyu members, thus bringing his unlucky life to an end.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What some called him.


6'3 ,136lbs. blue eyes, blonde hair. He had 4-pack abs. His legs were powerful because he was a wanderer from the ages of 15-23.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Vengence filled this man's heart and soul to hold his father's head in his hands for what he did. Yet he's not always so cold. His first impression wasn't always the best but when you got to know him he could be your best friend and protector. He was pretty lonely and had a very unhappy love life. His first and last girlfriend died and he had trouble attracting other women so he went around pretty lonely wanting a companion to share his life with.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He was a decent swordsman.

Innate Ability: He could concentrate runes into fire and lightning.



Col loved Tiffany dearly and was devastated when she was killed by bandits. He never found another love in his life ever again.

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