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The Code of Thieves refers to an ancient codex which had various rules for thieves to follow as dictated by the Clergy of Laverna. However, greed and corruption grew among the thieves' guilds, and the codex was soon ignored and forgotten by most thieves. The last thieves to still use the Code in Ravensworth were Sullena and his pupils Izael Korath and Refan d'Zarnagon who were members of the Ravensworth Thieves' Guild in the Third Age. Later some individuals like Fehr Sirius and factions like the Union Workers adopted the Code although they turned it slightly more practical to suit their everyday thievery business.

Some excerpts from the Code[]

  1. Actions always have consequences.
  2. Good deeds should be rewarded.
  3. Steal only to survive; never do it for mere pleasure.
  4. Kill only in self defense; never initiate the attack unless you can subdue the enemy non-fatally.

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