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Church of the Golden Dawn
Basic Information
Alternative name(s)
  • Dawnists
  • Wolves of Mardük
Symbol A red wolf's head on a field of gold
Government Clergy
Title of leader Unknown
Leader(s) Unknown
Geographic Information
Base Imperial City
Region(s) Andaria
Member races
Allies Andaria
Enemies Holy Inquisition of Cardia
Patron deity Mardük
Historical Information
Age Fourth Age
Preceded by

The Church of the Golden Dawn is the spiritual successor of the Clergy of Mardük and the Forgotten which emerged after the Catastrophe in the Fourth Age. It is dedicated to spreading the faith of Mardük, the fallen God of Chaos who is sometimes also referred to as a goddess. It is named after one of Mardük's old epithets, the Golden Dawn, and the followers are known as clerics of Mardük, Dawnists and Wolves of Mardük due to the prominent symbol of a sun and the head of a wolf that they use to identify themselves in public. The church is led from the Imperial City, capital of the Andarian Empire, where it has seen great success among the masses due to its sermons emphasizing freedom which fit in well with the Empire's libertarian laws.


As a state religion, the church is favored in the Andarian Empire. It shows its full support to the Empire in return and its high-ranking clerics have a say in state matters.

The church views the Holy Inquisition of Cardia with disdain because of the Inquisition's harsh punishments, its use of paladins, and its perceived association with Mardük's rival god Cardia. The other clergies are viewed less harshly although the Dawnists attempt to convert worshippers of other gods to see the light of the Golden Dawn.

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