The Cataclysm is a collective name given to a series of events that took place in a short span of time. The events began unfolding right after Mardük had opened up a portal to the Demon Realm and engaged Cardia in a duel during the final battle of the Great War.


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The battle around Kageshima had been fierce, and when the gods Cardia and Mardük appeared with their supporters, the battlefield turned even more chaotic. It was unclear whether the Grand Alliance or the Yamatians would win in the end, but neither side was willing to give up as this battle would decide the outcome of the entire Great War.


As Cardia and Mardük finally charged at one another to end the battle in a grand fashion, a new foe known as the Godslayer appeared and devoured both gods. This caused a rupture in magic, which made Innate Abilities disappear instantly and allowed demons to run amok now that their commander Mardük existed no more.

The Godslayer and the demons began attacking the armies of the Grand Alliance, the Clergy of Mardük and the Yamato Empire, forcing the armies to retreat. The emergence of the Godslayer and the deaths of two powerful gods also caused other catastrophic events such as the shifting of continents, climate changes and destruction of various places.


The Cataclysm ended when the Godslayer ended its rampage in Yamato and flew to Myridia in Aison where it fell into a deep slumber while the Grey Cult began worshipping it. Demons overran Yamato, and the survivors from the Grand Alliance fled to their respective kingdoms to lick their wounds. An age of isolation took place as the kingdoms tried to survive in this new World of Ruin.

Thus began the Age of Emptiness, and the Great War had finally come to an end.

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