Cardian War
Date 10-11 CE
Location Cardia
Result Grand Alliance victory
Grand Alliance Cardia
Raistlin I
Britton Leonhart

The Cardian War was a conflict that took place in the Kingdom of Cardia after the Chaos War in the First Age. When King Unne died during a quest, a mage named Jemuel was appointed as regent. It later turned out that Jemuel had in fact been the mastermind behind Unne's death in order to take over Cardia. A group of loyalists led by Raistlin I and Britton Leonhart formed the Grand Alliance once they discovered Jemuel's treachery. The Alliance eventually besieged the capital of Cardia and killed Jemuel.

Raistlin and Britt became the co-rulers of Cardia, but they did not have much time to consolidate their rule when they found out that a new threat was looming on the horizon. A man named Sydney Losstarot had taken over Nefarious after its previous ruler King Renu had died in the war, and began the invasion of neighbouring kingdoms, leading the world into a conflict known as the Sydney Losstarot War.

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