This article is about the First Age nation of Cardia. For a deity with the same name, see Cardia (god).
Societal Information
Race(s) Humans
Demonym(s) Cardian
Religion(s) Cardia
Political Information
Government Monarchy
Historical Information
Age First Age
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Empire of Alent

Cardia was a nation in the Land of the Living in the First Age. Its people worshipped the One God who was also known as Cardia, the God of Order, whose name was adapted into the kingdom's name.

It was originally ruled by King Unne until he was murdered by Jemuel who usurped the throne. Loyal friends of Unne named Raistlin I and Britton Leonhart thwarted Jemuel's insidious plans and eventually defeated him after the fierce Cardian War. The two men then became the co-rulers of Cardia and turned the nation even more powerful when they rediscovered the floating continent of Alent which became their new base of operations. However, the nation of Cardia eventually came to an end when the shock of the First Banishment separated the continent.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The kingdom of Cardia was divided into the kingdoms of Grandbell, Isaac and Verdane in the Second Age.

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