Caer Goddard
Geographic Information
Type Settlement
Region Northwestern Maar Sul
Size Large city
Societal Information
Language(s) Common
Race(s) Humans
Political Information
Government Governorate
Ruler(s) Governor Rudolph Rhinehart
Historical Information
Age Third Age

Caer Goddard is the third biggest city in Maar Sul after Maar Sul City and Victoire, and it is located in the northwest. It maintains a small navy which patrols the northern seas and is presently ruled by Governor Rudolph Rhinehart.


Distreyd Era

The city was sacked by the army of the Yamato Empire and the supporters of Martin Struan during the Great War after a siege in which King Remy Aurelac lost his life and Lord Rudolph Rhinehart was captured. It retained a strong pro-Aurelac sentiment among its citizens, which later made it side with Remy's son Kagetsu II against the Yamatian occupation when Kagetsu II saved Lord Rhinehart and took back the city.

Godslayer Era

During the Proninist invasion of Maar Sul in 1016 AE, Prince Leon Alcibiates sent Sen Wisteria and Maar Sul's Western Army from Caer Goddard to Remonton to negotiate a deal with Remon and hopefully form an alliance with his old comrades once again. The army of Caer Goddard was crucial in helping rebuild Remonton after the Second Battle of Remonton.

The city remained in Maar Sul's control, fighting off any Proninists who tried to invade it during the following months.

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