Bunny Ninja Scar
Status: Dead
Age: 2 (at time of death)
Race: Bunny
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Nation: Aison
Faction: Not-so-pink fluffy bunnies
Era: Third Age

Bunny Ninja Scar, commonly known as Bunny, was an evil, magically mutated bunny who decided to kill a bunch of Aisonian heroes who had been eating her kin. She was the mastermind behind the Second Bunny Attack. She later killed herself in desperation by jumping off a boat in the middle of an ocean when all her deviously complex plans failed.


Early YearsEdit

Bunny was the result of a science experiment. She was caught by a mad scientist when she was very young, and he tried to give her humanlike qualities. As a result, she gained a lot of intelligence (more than some humans *rolls eyes*) and the ability to understand human speech. However, the scientist deemed her a failed experiment as he could not make her talk, so he released her back into the wild.

While Bunny was in the wilderness, she was careless and was caught by a man named Scarface, who liked to catch bunnies and roast/eat them. Fortunately for Bunny, he saw Bunny's unusual intelligence, and being old, he needed someone to pass on his knowledge and fighting skills to. Since no one else wanted to volunteer because he was stinky and never bathed and ate furry little bunnies, he took Bunny in and taught her everything he knew.

Bunny trained extensively with Scarface in the Art of the Ninja for a whole year. After learning all she could from Scar, Bunny thanked her master and left again, this time to seek good grasslands and a good bunny husband and yummy grass, along with all other interesting things. However, Bunny's quality of living went down greatly since the Yamatians took over Aison.

Distreyd EraEdit

Bunny met Drans Grangon and the Aisonian heroes and tagged along for a while. She was horrified by the way the heroes ate her kin, so she began plotting against the heroes to kill them off in various gruesome ways. One such instance was the Second Bunny Attack.


In the end all of Bunny's dastardly schemes failed, and she fell into despair. She committed suicide by jumping off a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What almost everyone called her.


( O )o

She was a cute, fluffy bunny. What the heck did you expect?!

Personality and TraitsEdit

Bunny was very bunnylike. She was very intelligent for a bunny. She couldn't talk, or at least couldn't talk so that she was understood by humans, and wanted to live a happy life frolicking in the grass. However, when she saw the fellowship slaughtered many of her kin, she grew vengeful and almost downright evil as she plotted the fellowship's downfall while travelling with them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She was very intelligent...for a bunny.


Drans GrangonEdit

The so-called dragon slayer Drans Grangon was surprisingly kind to Bunny, but sadly he died of a brain anuerysm before they could start a relationship.


Scarface was Bunny's teacher.

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