Breivik's Journal is a journal written by Breivik, originally a cleric of Heath who succumbed to despair after his goddess's demise and was recruited by the Totenkopfs. They sent him to infiltrate the Mad Clergies, a secretive sect of cleric-necromancers, and if their goals proved threatening, destroy them from within. Breivik detailed his noteworthy experiences over a decade in the journal, and the more he wrote, the more obvious his madness became. The journal was discovered by Osmond Cordae Locke who was searching through the mostly collapsed hideout of the Mad Clergies after the Battle of Survivor's Woods. Osmond was horrified to witness Breivik's slow descent into madness while reading the journal, but he also discovered information about Breivik's accomplices, the Totenkopfs, and some glimpses of whatever plans the dark cult might have in mind for the Land of the Living.

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