The Book of Kagetsu is a tome containing various Andain spells written by Kagetsu I. It has changed hands many times after Kagetsu's death and is currently in the possession of his descendant Geraden Aurelac.


Laws of the AndainEdit

The Laws of the Andain are listed within the book but the text can only be comprehended by those who are adept at Andain magic.

Lore of the LandEdit

Known history of the Land of the Living, including information now long lost from other sources. Particularly valuable for recording the earliest stages of Andain society and the founding of Ancient Maar Sul.

On the Nature of UndeadEdit

"Hurriedly, he sifted through the book, trying to find any information on what would happen if an inimical being were helped through the rift, as Leon himself had been helped. He almost fell out of his saddle in shock. If such a person were to return to the world, they would have the power to command the armies of the night. Creatures of horror that had been called forth from Hell during ancient wars between Gods, and since forgotten and dismissed as myth by the descendents of the living. Daemons, ogres, trolls, the undead..."
Leon Alcibiates about inimical beings returning to life

The book explains what could happen if an inimical being, an evil person, was returned to life via sorcery or crossing the barriers between the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead.

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