Blades of Vigilance
The flag of the Blades of Vigilance

The flag of the Blades of Vigilance
Basic Information
Alternative name(s) Blades
Symbol Crossed silver swords
on a field of black
Government Military unit
Title of leader Commander
Leader(s) Axikasha Keiran
Title of lieutenant Lieutenant
Lieutenant(s) Vaetris Redfield
(1016-1017 AE)
Geographic Information
Base Mobile
Region(s) Mobile
Member races Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Members ~100
Allies Grand Alliance
Enemies Crimson Coalition
Eastern Horde
Northern Horde
Patron deity Hephaestus
Historical Information
Age Third Age
Formed 1016 AE
Joining the Grand Alliance Spring 1017 AE
Battle of Vanna Summer 1017 AE
Preceded by Wanderers

The Blades of Vigilance is a group of skilled warriors who work for the Grand Alliance. A small but growing force, their main purpose is to keep an eye on the Totenkopfs and hamper their schemes in any way possible. Though Ax is the overall commander, Vaetris Redfield and Signan Weinstein coordinate most of the Blades' covert activities, and can lead the troops in her absence.


After the Wanderers were all but decimated in the ice elemental's attack in the Second Battle of Remonton, the group was reformed by Axikasha Keiran as the Blades of Vigilance.

Armor and Emblems

The flag of the Blades of Vigilance has crossed silver swords on a field of black. The members often wear armor of silver and black although on covert missions they obviously dress more casually.

Notable members


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