This article is about the royal guards of Vanna. For a mercenary faction, see Grey Guard.
Black Guard
Basic Information
Government Military force
Title of leader Captain
Leader(s) Razoul
Title of lieutenant Sergeant
Lieutenant(s) Vitani
Geographic Information
Member races Humans
Allies Sultanate of Karaganda
Enemies Demons, Grand Alliance (until 1017 AE), Magicracy of Alent (since 1017 AE), Sirithai (until 1017 AE), Totenkopfs
Historical Information
Age Third Age

The Black Guard, also known as abid al-Saifi (lit. Black Guard of the Sword Tribe), act as the guards of the city of Vanna and the House of Saif and also as warriors of the Sultanate of Karaganda. They consist of black men and women descended from distant Simoe tribes who were originally slaves of the Sarquil. As time went by and the sultanate conquered the desert elves, the black slaves became a caste of elite warriors who acted as trainers of the Sarquil warriors and as the elite guard that protected Vanna at all costs.

The captain of the guard is descended from the first captain of the Black Guard, and currently the position is in the hands of Razoul the Merciless. The warriors of the Black Guard do not have traditional surnames; instead, they gain titles that describe their strengths in battle. For example, Ismail the Strong means that Ismail is a strong opponent who will not be taken down easily whereas Razoul the Merciless means that Razoul is merciless in battle. The guards have both men and women in their ranks.

The Black Guards are fiercely loyal to the House of Saif and will give their lives to protect the sultanate from enemies. Few dare cross paths with the Black Guards who are known to be brutally efficient and skilled in combat. Part of the reason is that many of the warriors are in fact berserkers who eat a specific plant, Drakeroot, which makes them stronger and more fierce in battle.

After the Battle of Vanna, the Black Guards relocated with the rest of the Sarquil refugees to Alent.

Notable membersEdit

Active membersEdit

Former membersEdit

  • Jamila - former sergeant (MIA)

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