The Beastmaster Incident is a name used to describe events in Remon that took place between the arrival of the Fellowship of Tes Pellaria to Folsworth Woods and the Battle of Folsworth Woods in 1003 AE. During the incident the Fellowship helped the elves of Folsworth Woods fight against a terrible monster known as the Beastmaster, and they eventually uncovered a plot by the Clergy of Mardük to use elven traitors to assassinate the elven king, Amandil. The heroes managed to stop this insidious plot just in time, and in so doing they also gained the trust of the elves who joined forces with them, which in turn led to the forming of the Grand Alliance.


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The IncidentEdit

Facing the BeastmasterEdit

In the early weeks of the Great War, the Fellowship had only recently formed an alliance with the dwarves of Drithenspire and scored their first major victory against the Yamatians and clerics of Mardük who had kept Remon under their yoke for years.

During this time the Fellowship had to prove its worthiness to the elves of Folsworth Woods by travelling to the southern elven town of Myrael Toria to defeat a terrible creature known as the Beastmaster who had been terrorizing local elven settlements with his growing army of various animals and beasts of the forest.

The Fellowship had to pass through the Meadow of Red Bells, strange flowers which could hypnotize people with their humming sound. However, the heroes were unaware that they had been betrayed and that the traitor had sent word for the Beastmaster who knew the heroes were coming to get him. The Beastmaster sent his right-hand man, Azrael, to deal with the heroes on the meadow. The plan was to wait for the heroes to go into a trance as the Red Bells hummed, and then Azrael and his minions would finish the disoriented heroes off.

To be continued.

Traitors UncoveredEdit

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