The Beacon of Alent was a name given to a pillar of pure magic which shot into the sky from the remains of the destroyed reactor core of Alent. The pillar came out of the throne room of Etemenanki, the city's central ziggurat, and was visible to travellers far from the city. The Beacon had been active since the Reactor Core Explosion which leveled Alent's predecessor Lutherin during the Great War. The Beacon went unstable at the end of the Battle of Alent and caused the Catastrophe which destroyed Alent, created the Anomaly and rearranged the continents as it ushered in the Fourth Age.


The Beacon came to be after the reactor core underneath Lutherin exploded during the Great War and left Lutherin in ruins before the city was rebuilt and renamed Alent.

Why the Beacon kept shooting a pillar of pure magic, or mana, into the sky without showing signs of depletion after being active for over a decade remained unknown throughout the history of Alent. However, some Alentian scholars believed it might have had some connection to the Lefein due to it being contained in a very advanced reactor core which the Lefein of the First Age could have built.

The Beacon was tampered with necromantic and demonic magic by Vulture and Dantalion during the King and Queen's Ball. Some pregnancies in Alent were affected and accelerated by the magic of the Beacon, leading to the birth of magically touched children, the Beaconborn.

By the end of the Battle of Alent, the Beacon's metamorphosis continued and eventually led to the destruction of Alent by an unknown means. The Beacon also created the Anomaly at the surviving ruins of Alent and rearranged the continents which ended the Second Great War and made several prominent nations fall as the world entered the Fourth Age.

The beam of light itself is still visible from within the Anomaly, but none who have entered the quarantined zone of the Anomaly have survived to tell the tale what lies within and if the beam within the Anomaly can even be said to be the same thing the Beacon of Alent once was.


The nature and powers of the Beacon are as mysterious as its origins. It seems to possess great magic which is undergoing a metamorphosis after being tampered with.

The Beacon is known to have done the following to its different 'victims' (in chronological order):

Affected Effect
Jahi Gallu
  • Boosted dark magic and manifested their desires
  • Let magic expand over a greater area of influence in a constant effect, as seen in Threshold
Aloysius, Ariadne, Maitreya, Seth, Sophia
  • 'Purified' dark knights channeling its power and turned them into paladins
  • Granted them light powers usually only associated with worshippers of the gods even though said people were misotheists
Unithien Greyrain
  • Heightened sensibility to magic
  • Granted powers over elements (air, earth, fire, water), including creation of golems of pure energy
  • Encased in an energy coffin within the Beacon to protect the person from harm
  • Communicated with and allowed the person to tap into its 'memories' while subtly influencing their behaviour
Harrad U'niviel
  • Boosted magic power which, in combination with the power of the Cintamani stone, released a person trapped within the Beacon
  • Subtly altered the caster's mind
Dantalion, Vulture
  • Absorbed magic and twisted it, affecting the city with magical anomalies
  • Granted unnatural abilities (turning Dantalion into a lion-like demonic creature, the effect on Vulture remains unknown)
Antigonus de Ardyn Released from a prison in another plane of existence by opening a temporary tear between realms
Lamashtu Gallu
  • Boosted personal magic
  • Gave life to shadowy, magical abominations birthed by the person
Several women of different races (including Jahi Gallu, Rain and Vaetris L'andariel)
  • Temporarily paralyzed people
  • Forcefully accelerated their pregnancies, leading some women to give birth to fully developed infants months earlier than naturally possible
Alexandra Sarillius, Drekavac Gallu, Farah Sand, Lilim L'andariel, several other unnamed Beaconborn Made fetuses develop at an accelerated pace in the wombs of their respective mothers and had them be born as infants months earlier than naturally possible
Stylianos Kinley
  • Allowed a wider understanding of reality at a specific moment during which the Beacon had empowered him, allowing a person to give sound advice to ones who needed it
  • Temporarily empowered a person similarly to the Purple Paladins
Jonathan Seneron, Rhylian Loras, Serene, an unnamed demon child Channeled its power through people, mixed with their respective innate or corrupted magics in combination with Blood Fever and other corrupted samples to store the combined energy into the Tainted Orb
Several travellers (including Arcturius, Arthur Fonzarelli, Bella Sirius, Irinthiel Maurath, an unnamed Union Workers thief) Let people travel great distances in a short amount of time by bending reality around them without them noticing
The City of Alent
  • Destroyed Alent in an unknown manner, leaving a lake in where much of the city had once stood
  • Created the Anomaly in the resulting ruins which is fatal to anyone entering it
Land of the Living Caused the Catastrophe which ended the Third Age and ushered in the Fourth Age, leading to the rearranging of continents and the rise of new landmasses

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