Battle of Otoineppu
Date 1017 AE
Location Otoineppu, Yamato
Result Black Hunters victory
Flag-blackhunters Black Hunters Flag-southernhorde Southern Horde
Flag-blackhunters Yousei Kaizoku Flag-southernhorde Enenra
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The Battle of Otoineppu was fought in the village of Otoineppu in Yamato in early winter of 1017 AE. The Black Hunters, led by Yousei Kaizoku, attacked the village in order to free the slaves there from the yoke of the Southern Horde. Although the Hunters succeeded in freeing many slaves and could thus consider their mission a success, the arrival of demon reinforcements led by Baron Enenra eventually forced them to flee to the Temple of Hephaestus where they hoped to find a sanctuary for themselves and the freed slaves.

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