Battle of Malperdy
Date 1017 AE
Location Malperdy, Libaterra
Result Dwarven Triad victory
Clergy of Laverna
Finian Clan
Flag-crimsoncoalition Crimson Coalition
Flag-dwarventriad Dwarven Triad
Fellowship of Hidefall
Flag-greyguard Grey Guard
Union Workers
Flag-easternhorde Eastern Horde
Clergy of Shakkan
Flag-dwarventriad Katsutoshi Kobayashi (POW)
Irvin Finian (POW)
Flag-crimsoncoalition Grace Ripley
Flag-dwarventriad Janus Todd
Flag-greyguard Hibana Koenshi
Raul Emmenson
Flag-easternhorde Sloth (POW)
Svyatogor (POW)
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The Battle of Malperdy occurred in the hidden labyrinth complex of Malperdy in Libaterra in 1017 AE. A party consisting of Crimson Coalition and other factions and individuals ventured deep into the mystic labyrinth to locate and rescue Haruko Mizushima from the clutches of her kidnapper, the kitsune Katsutoshi Kobayashi, and the kitsune's troll army. Demon agents sent by the Eastern Horde as well as a barbarian and a chimera entered the fray at the same time and got involved in the battle which turned into a chaotic four-way conflict between various factions. Ultimately who benefited the most was Janus Todd and the Dwarven Triad who abducted various faction members as well as Haruko's children before fleeing and leaving the injured parties behind. Ultimately the Coalition's reinforcements arrived and arrested everyone still alive for questioning.




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