Battle of Illunii
Date 1017 AE
Location Illunii, Libaterra
Result Draw
Dresdens Flag-easternhorde Eastern Horde
Flag-southernhorde Southern Horde
Finian Clan
Illunii Rangers
Nesa Mikoto
Razravkar Dominus
Raul Emmenson
Flag-easternhorde Jezebeth
Flag-easternhorde Persephone Barca (POW)
Deidra Finian 
Geras Sylevar
Thanatos Barca 

The Battle of Illunii occurred in Illunii in Libaterra in 1017 AE. The agents of the Eastern Horde and the Southern Horde tried to invade the elven city of Illunii by opening a portal to the Demon Realm through an ancient blood magic ritual, but their plans were foiled by the outsider group known as the Dresdens. Many people perished during the conflict, most notably the necromancers Deidra Finian and Thanatos Barca whose actions had been misinterpreted by the Dresdens who had thus unwittingly helped the hordes in the scheme until they had realized their mistake.

Although the Dresdens had technically won the day when they had succeeded in closing the infernal portal and defeating the horde's agents, Duchess Nina Heeate L'andariel still managed to score a victory when one of her minions succeeded in delivering a magical scepter from Thanatos's laboratory to her, which had been her true objective all along. Despite this loss, the Dresdens were still hailed as heroes, and the Faerfolc of Illunii allowed them to leave the Celenian Forest alive to continue the fight against the hordes elsewhere.




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