Battle of Carpie Bay
Part of Yamatian Invasion
Date 1003 AE
Location Carpie Bay, Aison
Result Yamato Empire victory
Flag-clergymarduk Clergy of Mardük
Coa-hyuga Yamato Empire
Kingdom of Aison
Flag-clergymarduk Zarnagon
Coa-hyuga Yasuo Fukuda
Yamatian Invasion

Trinity Gask · 1st Ravensworth · Carpie Bay · 1st Myridia · Caer Goddard

The Battle of Carpie Bay was a naval battle which occurred in Carpie Bay during the Yamatian Invasion of Aison. It was fought between the forces of the Yamato Empire and the Kingdom of Aison. The Yamatians and their allies from the Clergy of Mardük managed to trick the defending Aisonian forces of Dolmo to send troops after them when they sent a small diversionary force on land to seemingly flank the Dolmese forces. While the defenders were busy repelling this attack force, the main Yamato army stormed through Carpie Bay and destroyed the defending Aisonian naval blockade by crashing exploding ships into the bulk of the defending ships. After a short but brutal battle, the Yamatian army defeated the defending ships and sailed deeper into the bay, heading straight towards the Aisonian capital of Myridia while the Dolmese land-based defenders, realizing they had been tricked, were unable to do anything but watch.

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