Battle of Caer Goddard
Part of the Yamatian Invasion
Date 1003 AE
Location Caer Goddard, Maar Sul
Result Yamato Empire victory
Flag-clergymarduk Clergy of Mardük
Coa-hyuga Yamato Empire
Coa-struan House of Struan
Flag-maarsul Maar Sul Loyalists
Coa-rhinehart House of Rhinehart
Coa-struan Martin Struan Flag-maarsul Remy Aurelac 
Coa-rhinehart Hubert Rhinehart (POW)
Yamatian Invasion

Trinity Gask · 1st Ravensworth · Carpie Bay · 1st Myridia · Caer Goddard

The Battle of Caer Goddard took place in and around Caer Goddard in 1003 AE during the later stages of the Yamatian Invasion of Maar Sul. Due to betrayal from Martin Struan's cavalry which sided with the Yamato Empire, Caer Goddard was overrun, and King Remy Aurelac lost his life. Martin Struan's involvement in the Struan Rebellion would lead to him becoming the puppet ruler of Maar Sul until the Grand Alliance deposed him during the Great War.

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