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Battle of Alent
Part of the Second Great War
Date 1017 AE
Location Alent, Libaterra
Result Ongoing
Magicracy of Alent Magicracy of Alent

Grand Alliance Grand Alliance

Crimson Coalition Crimson Coalition

Dwarven Triad Dwarven Triad

Eastern Horde Eastern Horde

Northern Horde Northern Horde
Southern Horde Southern Horde

Magicracy of Alent Jemuel

Grand Alliance Khasra III
Grand Alliance "Marcus Sarillius"

Crimson Coalition Leopold Lain

Crimson Coalition Kamelith
Crimson Coalition Yoshimuriko 
Dwarven Triad Vulture

Eastern Horde Vaetris L'andariel

Northern Horde Malphas d'Xuvadon
Southern Horde Nina L'andariel

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The Battle of Alent was a conflict between the Magicracy of Alent and the Crimson Coalition, as well as their allies, taking place at the city of Alent in early winter in 1017 AE.

It began with the arrival of the Coalition's army during the aftermath of the Threshold Riot from which the magicracy was still recovering. The Coalition besieged Alent for over two weeks, controlling the northern and eastern areas surrounding the city while waiting for reinforcements to arrive from the south before launching a joint and decisive assault on the city-state. The demonic Eastern Horde, Northern Horde and Southern Horde joined the fray and invaded the city-state while Alent and the Coalition were busy fighting and weakening each other.

Ultimately the battle, and the Second Great War as a whole, ended in the Catastrophe which devastated all armies and destroyed Alent. The resulting explosion not only mysteriously spared many at ground zero but also caused mass amnesia and created the enigmatic Anomaly.

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