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Bashkar Trott
Status: Dead
Age: 50 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Nation: Augustia
Faction: Grand Alliance
Era: Second Age
"Everything be coming up Bashkar."
—Bashkar, having some random rant as usual

Bashkar Trott was a smelly, drape-loving pirate with great comic timing (or lack thereof). He travelled with the Grand Alliance during the Arawn Losstarot War, but that did not mean that he was actually friendly with them. In fact, he was plotting against the heroes in every turn for selfish reasons even though he ultimately ended up aiding them anyway as he felt it would be safer travelling with skilled adventurers. He hated elves and even had the balls to represent Arawn Losstarot in the New Honeth Summit between the representatives of different nations.

Bashkar tried to sell a box of I Can't Believe It's Not Sand to Kagetsu I, but sadly the latter did not take the offer. However, he was more successful in buying a ship, the Behemoth, which he named after his wife Valda Trott. He, like many others, perished in the Explosion, but his memory would be honoured by many pirates for years to come, including the Blue Dragons. Bashkar's pet monkey would travel around the world after his demise and eventually found Monkey Land and become its first ruler Mungo I.


Early Years[]

Arawn Era[]

"I be Bashkar Trott, and I be representin' Arawn Losstarot. I also be a poet and I didn't even noet."
"Arawn Losstarot?? How dare you?!?!"
"What? Ye actually thought ye could have a War Council without includin' representation of the guy who put all the effort into startin' the war? That wouldn't be fair now, would it?"
—Bashkar and Finwald

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