Barad Tuilinn
Geographic Information
Alternative name(s) Tower of Swallows
Type Landmark
Historical Information

Barad Tuilinn, or the Tower of Swallows, is an ancient elven watchpost in Central Celenia, marking the beginning of Illunii's freeholds. It was built in early Third Age as the elves first populated the forest but fell into disuse once Celenia had expanded to encompass all of the Celenian Forest. Despite its decaying state, the tower has seen some use in the Fourth Age for elven rangers who rest there during their night patrols. In 20 AC rangers led by Celegorm Ulondar took their captive Kareth to the tower for interrogation.

The Tower of Swallows is sturdy and bigger than it looks on the inside due to intricate elven architecture. Its sconces for torches are in the shape of swallows as an identifying mark for any Celenian traveller stopping by there. It has many rooms on the ground level as well as two sets of stairs leading up to upper levels with one solitary chamber on the highest level of the tower.

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