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Bank of Wealthy Hands
Basic Information
Symbol Four red hands reaching upwards in a field of gold
Government Bank
Title of leader Keymaster
Geographic Information
Base Unknown
Region(s) Global
Member races
Allies Clergy of Ganesha
Enemies Clergy of Laverna
Patron deity Ganesha
Historical Information
"Ganesha will have his due."
—The bank's motto

The Bank of Wealthy Hands is a bank run by the Clergy of Ganesha and thus often seen as a subsidiary of the clergy. It is dedicated to Ganesha, the God of Merchants and Commerce. It is arguably the most influential financial institution in the Land of the Living, having offices in different countries with a history which the bankers claim to span thousands of years. The clerics running the bank are known for their punctuality and preciseness, and they loan money to anyone in need of some income regardless of alignment, whether it's an individual, a guild, an army or a country, but they expect the money to be paid back with proper interest in due time as agreed upon in a contract with the client.

The bank and the clergy running it are known for the saying "Ganesha will have his due" which many believe is a thinly veiled threat against anyone who does not pay back their debts to the bank in time. It is said that the debt will be paid back in gold or in flesh whether the client wants it or not. The bank's somewhat eerie and even ruthless reputation inspired the Remonian playwright William Veer to write a play called The Merchant of Scundia which depicts the character of the moneylender Cravenbolt having stereotypic moneylender characteristics and cutthroat deals often associated with the bank.

The symbol of the Bank of Wealthy Hands shares the emblems of the Clergy of Ganesha. It depicts four red hands facing upwards in a field of gold. This symbolizes the bank's patron god Ganesha who is often depicted in religious imagery with four hands which are the four pillars of commerce.

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