Band of the Fox
Basic Information
Government Mercenaries
Title of leader Boss
Leader(s) Katsutoshi Kobayashi
Geographic Information
Base Mobile
Region(s) Libaterra
Member races Humans, Kitsune, Lefein
Enemies Barjassil
Historical Information
Age First Age

The Band of the Fox was a notorious group of skilled rogues and con artists led by the trickster Katsutoshi Kobayashi who were active in the First Age. One of their greater heists included stealing the Dragon Diamond and the Crown Princess from King Anshar of Barjassil. This daring act got them into trouble when they became wanted throughout the kingdom and had many bounty hunters and the kingdom's soldiers led by Captain Gilgamesh sent after them. At some point the band disbanded and their members' fates were lost to history. Decades later their adventures and their titles inspired the Dwarven Triad to use some of the Band's nicknames for titles of the Triad's leaders.

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