Attack on Shit Harbour
Date 1016 AE
Location Shit Harbour, Scundia
Result Proninist victory
Flag-proninist Proninist Party Flag-scundia Scundia
Flag-proninist Andrei Pronin Flag-scundia Titaniel Focker

The Attack on Shit Harbour (or Shit Operation as it was called by Andrei Pronin) was a surprise military strike conducted by the Proninist Party against the Scunnish port town of Shit Harbour in 1016 AE. The town was conquered almost effortlessly and became the base of operations for the Proninists for a while. The attack was a prelude to the Proninist invasion of Scundia.

How It HappenedEdit

The guard stopped the caravan of armed men at the gate of Shit Harbour. "What is your business in Scundia?" he demanded.

"We're getting drunk," replied the leader.

"Right on! But...what's with all the swords?"

"We like swords."

"Fair enough. Enjoy your stay!"

Ten minutes later, Shit Harbour fell to the Proninist Party.

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