Status: Alive
Age: Eternal
Race: God
Gender: Female
Class: Goddess
Nation: High Plane
"It isn't worth intervening, Artemicia. You're here in the flesh. You can die here. Do you want to share Gaea's fate?"
"It's worth a little risk to teach you a lesson. Remember back in the Chaos War? You told your followers that the rest of us didn't exist. That hurts, Cardia. Do you know what hurt feels like? I invite you to taste pain!"
Cardia and Artemicia

Artemicia is the Goddess of Healing, daughter of Nergal, mother of Leon Alcibiates, and patron deity of the Clergy of Artemicia. Ironically, she generally sides with her father and the forces of Darkness despite her title. She poisoned Leon in the Second Age and stole Dawn in the Third Age from Schuldich Cedheros. Since then she's been actively opposing the Grand Alliance although few mortals are actually aware of her amoral nature.


Early YearsEdit

"Oh? Are you one of my bastard offspring? Yes, I see you are. Pitiful fool. By what right do you invoke me? By what pathetic power?"
"Does family mean nothing?"
"Spoken like a true mortal, Leon Alcibiates. I'd thought better, even of the Andain. I have aided you by repelling those who would harm you. You must make some sort of compensation."
—Artemicia and Leon Alcibiates

Artemicia was born as the daughter of Nergal before the War of the Andain and helped her father in the conflict. Despite being the Goddess of Healing, she had a rather amoral, self-centered point of view and cared little for mortals or even fellow gods. However, when the Chaos War began and Cardia spread the belief that other gods didn't exist, Artemicia became downright angry at Cardia and didn't lift a finger in the following years even when Jemuel began the devastating Cardian War which killed hundreds of Cardia's followers.

The goddess had numerous affairs over thousands of years and gave birth to children who would become Andain. During the Ofuchi Usurpation period, one of her demigod children, Leon Alcibiates, wished to talk to her and prayed for her help when he was ambushed by bandits. Artemicia appeared in the flesh and saved Leon by driving the bandits away but quickly showed her true colours to him. She didn't like that Leon had bothered her for such trivial matters and punished him by poisoning his very soul with her power, telling him that she would remove the poison only after Leon had paid his debt to her.

What Artemicia did in the ensuing years is unknown. She didn't seem to actively participate in the Arawn Losstarot War when all the Andain perished. After the Explosion, gods seemed to withdraw from public eye, and this would last for almost a millennium.

Distreyd EraEdit

Stirrings of ChaosEdit

"I do not know who Cardia meant this blade for, but I will not allow his plan to succeed. I will be keeping this for my own High Cleric."
—Artemicia about Dawn

Artemicia remained in the background until Cardia's plans for the twin blades Dawn and Dusk made her act in 1000 AE. When she sensed that Cardia had sent Schuldich Cedheros to Libaterra to deliver Dawn to either Axikasha Keiran or Shyla Locken, she directly intervened.

Even when Cardia possessed Schuldich and tried to threaten Artemicia with death, Artemicia didn't care; she wanted to teach Cardia a lesson, and she delivered on that promise. As she slammed her godfist into Schuldich's body, the pain spread over to Cardia who felt pain for the first time in his life through his host's body. Schuldich perished in the fight, and Cardia's essence fled back to the High Plane.

The goddess then stole Dawn right in front of Ax and Shyla, not knowing which one the blade was meant for but still delighting in the opportunity to ruin whatever Cardia had had in mind for the blade. She delivered the blade to her own high cleric Adela al-Saif's safekeeping and instructed her to find a suitable wielder for it, who eventually turned out to be Varalia Earthhaven.

Artemicia later talked with her father Nergal and inquired about his plans. Nergal remained secretive for the most part and derided Artemicia for appearing in the flesh instead of using a host, and Artemicia insulted her father for being a coward. They eventually settled their differences, and Artemicia suggested that Nergal should replace his weak high cleric Fastholf d'Armagnac with a more powerful one, a general named Yoshimuriko, a plan which Nergal ended up following.

A Change of PlansEdit

"But what about the Prophecy of the Two Brothers? After all, Mardük seems be concerned of it if he sent a demon to the outside world to find out if the time has come."
—Artemicia to Nergal

Artemicia didn't appear in the flesh for a while as the Great War raged between Yamato and the Grand Alliance. She did have a few discussions with Nergal about the roles Kareth d'Zarnagon and Refan d'Zarnagon would play in releasing Mardük from the prison he had been sealed in since the end of the Chaos War. She and Nergal eventually plotted a turn of events which would ensure Mardük's release, and Mardük arrived with his demons to aid the Forces of Darkness during the final battle of the war.

An unexpected turn of events changed Artemicia's plans, however. A new foe, the Godslayer, appeared out of the blue and devoured both Cardia and Mardük, which made the demons run amok and began the Cataclysm which reshaped the Land of the Living. Artemicia and the remaining gods fled from the beast which later settled into Myridia. The gods would lie low for a while, pondering what to make of this new threat to their kind. Artemicia still kept on scheming, however, and made sure her high cleric Adela took over the throne of the Sultanate of Karaganda which would spread Artemicia's faith and strengthen her power base.

Godslayer EraEdit

A Game of DeceptionEdit

"The pawns are finally moving into place."
"What are you waiting for, then?"
"Patience, Daughter. We must not make our move until all the actors have gathered."
—Nergal and Artemicia

Tears of the SunEdit

"The choice is quite simple: save Vanna and Libaterra, or save the rest of the world. You mortals expressed a desire not to be our pawns, so now you have a chance to prove how well you'll fare without our guidance!"
—Artemicia to the Grand Alliance

The Winds of WrathEdit

"You're in no position to demand anything from me. Gods are supreme beings, and even mighty rulers such as Adela al-Saif and Marcus Sarillius work for gods. That is how it's always been, and that's how it will be as long as this world exists. You also seem to have a short-term memory. Didn't I just tell you something about this thing you call honour? Listen to me very carefully. Honour is nothing more than a myth which the weak use to gain an advantage over the strong."
—Artemicia to Ismail

Sowing SeasonEdit

"You tell us where she is, and I will end your suffering."
—Artemicia to Nesa Mikoto about Hivena

Day of the DamnedEdit

"As penance for your standing against my eternal will and the will of my clergy, I shall leave you and your band of fools with the insecurity of getting involved with the one you know as Haruko Mizushima. I shall relish the moment when you finally choose from the many roads ahead of you because that very decision shall only leave misery and treachery in its wake. And when that time comes, what you hear will be my laughter."
—Artemicia to Javan al-Kassis

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Goddess of Healing
Her title.
Also known as Goddess of the Watchful Eye, this is what she's called among the Fraquid.


Her physical form can change depending on who's looking at her. When Leon saw her, she was blade-slender, and posessed delicate features that most men would describe as beautiful. Her hair was soft and hazelnut brown, but her ice-blue eyes held no softness whatsoever.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Capricious, manipulative, cruel.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the goddess of healing, she is capable of healing pretty much every ailment but can also infect people with such poisons to which there are no cure, such as the one he infected Leon with. She is also a capable warrior with her divine senses.


Adela al-SaifEdit

Adela is Artemicia's current high cleric. Although Adela is completely devoted to her patron deity, Artemicia is less enthusiastic about their relationship although she sees Adela as a useful and powerful servant.

Axikasha KeiranEdit

Artemicia sees Ax as nothing but a pawn of the Gods of Light and sees her unfit to wield Dawn. Ax thinks Artemicia is a manipulative bitch who doesn't deserve anyone's respect.


Artemicia hated Cardia's guts, particularly because Cardia told his followers that the other gods didn't exist. She delighted in making Cardia feel pain and didn't shed a tear when the Godslayer devoured Cardia.


Artemicia can't stand Hephaestus who is Cardia's brother. The two gods have been opposing each other's schemes for a while because their views on mortals differ radically: Artemicia sees mortals as pawns whereas Hephaestus sees them as a great asset, and Hephaestus even directly intervened to aid the Alliance by luring Artemicia away from Vanna. The two gods have briefly collaborated, however, to capture Hivena and Nyanna.

Leon AlcibiatesEdit

Artemicia holds Leon in little esteem, seeing him as a pathetic weakling. She doesn't actively seek to kill him, but she won't bother to save him anymore either unless Leon compensates well in return. Leon likewise doesn't like Artemicia either, seeing her as nothing more than a mockery of a good mother.


Artemicia is Nergal's daughter and quite loyal to him to an extent (because bloodshed in war inevitably leads to hundreds of injured who are in need of healing). However, she won't mind accusing him of being a coward, and she feels Nergal should act more directly in world affairs instead of using various pawns to do his bidding. Nergal sees his daughter as too reckless and often asks her to be patient.


Artemicia is Shakkan's niece but holds him in little regard because he has opposed her and Nergal's plans in the past. The two gods don't care for each other, particularly now that their followers have been fighting against each other.

Shyla LockenEdit

As with Ax, Artemicia saw Shyla as nothing more than an unfit wielder of Dawn. She didn't mind the suffering of the young queen's people and delighted in the fact that Nergal would cause such harm to Shyla's beloved kingdom and thus harm indirectly the soul of one of the potential wielders of Dawn. Shyla was shocked by the goddess's appearance and didn't hold her in high regard after the incident in the temple.

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