This article is about a cat familiar in the Third Age. For an adventurer in the Second Age, see Artagel d'Arioc.
Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Race: Familiar
Gender: Male
Class: Familiar
Nation: Aison
Faction: Josiah Amdusias
Era: Third Age

Artagel is the cat familiar of Josiah Amdusias. He can communicate with his master and BoB the Jaguar through telepathy. He was named after Artagel d'Arioc who Josiah had been reading about from old tomes.


Early YearsEdit

Since Josiah Amdusias learned to summon his own familiar which appeared to him in the form of a cat, he named it Artagel to honour the famed Scun explorer Artagel d'Arioc. Artagel proved to be a valuable companion, often providing Josiah with great insight as well as acting as his eyes and ears in places where Josiah couldn't go.

Distreyd EraEdit

Godslayer EraEdit

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What some have called him.


He is black, furry and has dark eyes.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Observative, curious, cunning, mischievous.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Can communicate with people via telepathy.


BoB the JaguarEdit

He's good friends with BoB and has had adventures with him.

Josiah AmdusiasEdit

He's loyal to Josiah, fulfilling his needs, although he isn't afraid to snark back at him when he feels like it.

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