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Ark Thoryus
Status: Dead
Age: 17 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Archer
Nation: Aison
Era: Third Age
"Hey guys! Yeah...ok...well I, think I'll come with you...wherever you are going!"
—Ark Thoryus to the Fellowship of Magestar

Ark Thoryus was a young ranger who wanted to beat some Yamatian ass. Although he acted as if he was a brave guy, he was in fact quite a coward and was often more of a hindrance than anything else. He fell off a ship during the heroes' journey to Remon and drowned.


Early YearsEdit

Ark Thoryus grew up in an archer camp as they called it to keep guards of important families off their backs as they were bandits/robbers. One day Ark got fed up with being alone at camp while his parents were out nicking stuff so he stole a battle bow and long sword from the camp's military inventory and set of travelling at the very young age of 13, defeating weak foes with his magical ability which he discovered at the beginning of his new life.

Distreyd EraEdit

Ark ambushed the Fellowship of Magestar who were travelling in the Aisonian countryside and wanted to travel with them. However, when he heard that dragons were approaching, he quickly retreated, which annoyed BoB the Jaguar. When Ark noticed that the dragons did not eat the fellowship, he joined forces with them again. The fellowship, confused by all the silly actions that had taken place recently, reluctantly took Ark with them.

They purchased a ship and set sail to Remon. Ark was eager to see another land and hoped that the fellowship would succeed in its mission to restore peace to the world.


Ark fell off the ship during the fellowship's journey to Remon and drowned. Nobody cared, least of all BoB.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

What most called him.


Dark green hooded cloak with wide steel shoulder plates over top. Whatever the hell that means.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Usually solved arguments by swearing or name-calling the enemy and if this did not succeed to get rid of foes he would gladly challenge them to combat whether it was ranged or melee.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Innate Ability: Frozen Bolt. He could shoot a projectile ice shard from his bow without using an arrow. This froze the opponent for five seconds. Ark needed a rest after firing a flurry of shots.


BoB the JaguarEdit

Ark wanted to ride BoB, if you know what I mean. BoB was obviously not pleased and was more than happy to see the flirting Ark drown during the voyage to Remon.

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