Arawn Losstarot War
Date 10291030 PL
Location Worldwide
Result Grand Alliance victory
Grand Alliance Flag-maarsul Maar Sul
Arawn Losstarot  Agarwaen
Raistlin II 
Flag-maarsul Kagetsu I 

The Arawn Losstarot War took place in the Second Age. Warlock Arawn Losstarot, who was a descendant of the infamous warlord Sydney Losstarot, rose to prominence in Miletos. He gathered an army which consisted of his loyal Mullencamp cult and the elite assassin team known as the Vulfsatz and took over Augustia in a move that surprised everyone who had only considered him a non-important mage until then.

Arawn began attacking other nations which eventually formed the Grand Alliance to combat his growing menace. He slew Leon Alcibiates during the war and forced Kagetsu Aurelac de Maar Sul to work for him by kidnapping Kagetsu's wife Marya Aurelac de Maar Sul. However, Marya was saved by the archmage Raistlin II who then got Kagetsu on his side to oppose Arawn.

Eventually the final battle took place at the city of Lea Monde where Arawn, drawing power from Mardük, faced Kagetsu who was now powered by all the Andain. The immense magical power during this fierce duel claimed the lives of both Arawn and Kagetsu and resulted in the Explosion which killed of all the living Andain and changed the face of the Land of the Living forever while also leading to the rise of the innate abilities.

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