The Anomaly is a strange, magical phenomenon in the Fourth Age that came to be after Alent was destroyed by a transformation of the Beacon of Alent at the end of the Battle of Alent which led to the Catastrophe.

The city's fall left behind Crater Lake and an irradiated, magically shielded island with the ruins of Alent's city centre and a beam of light within, believed to be the evolved Beacon shooting into the sky. Anyone entering the dome and trying to reach the beam of light will, according to scholars who have witnessed it from afar, meet their end and be absorbed by the magic within. What makes the area even more eerie is that some strange silhouette has been seen wandering in the ruins, wailing every now and then, and none know what it might be or represent. Some speculate the Anomaly might be the cause of amnesia for anyone who survived the fall of Alent at ground zero although none have come with any good explanation for why some survived the Catastrophe and others did not.

Because of the dangers of the Anomaly, the Andarian Empire, whose capital is located nearby, has declared the area off-limits and has placed it under quarantine so that none may enter it unless they have been granted permission by the Emperors and Empresses of Andaria. As such, the barrier dome of the Anomaly is heavily guarded by the Empire's legions from land, sea and air to prevent trespassers from breaking through.

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