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Status: Dead
Age: Unknown
Race: Andain
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin
Nation: Ancient Maar Sul
Era: First Age

Amaranth was an Andain of mysterious origin who befriended Kagetsu I during the War of the Andain.


Early Years[]

Amaranth's genesis is unknown. She was first noted by other Andain shortly before the foundation of Maar Sul. Initially a member of the Clergy of Mardük, she trained under the noted paladin Galen Grimwrath.

War of the Andain[]

Amaranth, her paramour Lester, and Galen Grimwrath served initially under Kagetsu I. She witnessed Kagetsu's descent from beloved hero of the people into a man bent on the destruction of the world, and finally, with the urging of Lester and Galen, betrayed him to Taliesin at the end of the War of the Andain.

After War[]

Postwar, Amaranth and company faded from public view. She served Taliesin for a time, and disappeared after Galen Grimwrath's death, never to be seen again. It is unknown whether she survived until the Explosion when the rest of the Andain were wiped out.


Blonde bombshell.

Personality and Traits[]

Amaranth was unusually kind and gentle for a cleric of the god Mardük, and she believed strongly in the right of self-determination. This led her to ally with Kagetsu, whose original crusade was equality for all.

Powers and Abilities[]

Amaranth's Andain abilities, although initially untrained, later became notable even to such august personages as Taliesin. Her story has been largely lost to history because the descendants of the original Maar Sulais considered her a traitor and forbade her name to be spoken.

Further Info[]

Watch this page for updates; much info about Amaranth would be a spoiler at this stage in the game.


Galen Grimwrath[]

Galen was Amaranth's mentor.


Lester was Amaranth's paramour.


Strahl was Amaranth's dear friend.

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