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"This unit was created for our most dirty and immoral interests. There is no paperwork of its existence, nor is there any evidence whatsoever exposing us. Therefore, we can always deny our involvement if you are caught."
"We don't get caught."
—Alvia Group operator speaking to the head of Covert Operations

Alvia Group or, as its referred to by its members, The Team, was an extremely small branch of SAVAGE's SRT. These men were responsible for SRT operations requiring smaller than usual groups. They had to pass a selection phase that they were not aware was taking place and were then invited to undertake additional training. Training for Alvia Group personnel was constant throughout their career.

Alvia Group members were known to have strong personalities which was part of why they were chosen to conduct such operations. The group's existence was only known by the current members themselves, the directors of SAVAGE, Prince Leon, King Gerard and the previous members. The current size of Alvia Group is unknown , but while Briss Phoenixheart was operating with his team, it was five men including himself.

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