Alexandra Sarillius
Status: Alive
Age: 20
Race: Quarter-Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Black Mage
Nation: Zion
Era: Fourth Age

Alexandra Sarillius is the Princess of Zion, and daughter of Queen Desdemona Sarillius in the Fourth Age. A spirited noblewoman, Alexandra has studied black magic under her mother and the household servant Kareth, hoping to become a great sorceress. The town of Alexandria is named after her. Alexandra is presently leading the Fellowship of Sarilstad on an expedition to find allies against the rising threat of Andaria.


Early YearsEdit

While fleeing on a ship from a decimated Remon at the time of the Catastrophe, Queen Desdemona Sarillius gave birth to her daughter, Princess Alexandra Sarillius, who was recognized as the heir of King Marcus Sarillius who had gone missing after the Second Great War. The young princess and her mother survived the difficult voyage to a new land, the so-called Northern Continent that had formed at the dawn of the Fourth Age. They settled inland with other Remonian refugees, using the wood from their damaged ships to build their first houses while braving the dangers of the wilderness.

As time passed, the settlers' settlements expanded with new outposts, leading to the rise of the Kingdom of Zion which became one of the more steadfast nations in the changed Land of the Living. Alexandra grew up in the safety of the kingdom's capital of Sarilstad and had the northern town of Alexandria named after her.

The princess was tutored in history, politics, spellcraft and even close quarter combat by an assortment of mentors, ranging from First Handmaiden Wynter to Court Mage Kareth. She was hardly ever seen outside the palace as the queen wanted to keep her safe from harm. This did not stop her from learning whatever she could about outdoors and how to be a good ranger should she ever need to travel in the wild.

Fourth AgeEdit

Herald of the DawnEdit

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Lana Ardex
An alias used during her trip to Alexandria.
Princess of Zion
Her title.


She is medium height and has blond hair with buns and blue, clear eyes. Wears a dark brown cloak and appropriately regal clothes while in court. When on the field, she likes to dress more casually if possible for ease of movement.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Polite and reserved in formal occasions but tends to have a mischievous side underneath it. She does her best to be diplomatic although she may sometimes show frustration only to regret it a moment later. Not easy to anger, she prefers to observe her surroundings and likes to solve puzzles. Despite this, she knows to be strict when the time calls for it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Knowledgeable about black magic and can cast medium-tier spells with some effort.


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