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This article is about the nation of Alent in the First Age. For other uses, see Alent.
Societal Information
Race(s) Humans
Demonym(s) Alentian
Political Information
Government Empire
Historical Information
Age First Age
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Ancient Maar Sul

Alent was an ancient nation in the First Age. It was technologically advanced and ruled from a floating continent. Knowledge of how the Empire of Alent collapsed is lost to the mists of time, but collapse it did, and the world below the floating continent forgot that Alent had existed. Though they could still see the floating continent overhead, the people below were unable to fly to Alent and recover the knowledge which had been lost.

The forgotten nation was rediscovered during the Sydney Losstarot War when Raistlin I and Britton Leonhart stumbled upon a hidden, magical passage to the floating continent of Alent, but couldn't consider the importance of it until after the war. With the help of Britt and several clerics, Raistlin harnessed enough magical power to trap the powerful demon Yurius away so that he could further study the Spell of Banishment.

During all this, the Floating Continent of Alent was refurnished by the people of the nation of Cardia. The co-rulers of Cardia, Raistlin and Britt, moved the capital of Cardia to the city of Alent upon the floating continent. When Raistlin finally banished Yurius, the shock to the world was great. Continents moved, the sea flooded the lands, and the Floating Continent of Alent fell to land in the sea, and over time the descendants forgot about Alent and its former glory.


Hundreds of years later the Second Age began. Alent was changed to the Kingdom of Thracia. The City-States of Adlehyde became known as Augustia, and the continent of Lea Monde, once Sydney Losstarot's stronghold, was abandoned and became known as Miletos. Cardia was divided into three Kingdoms: Isaac, Grandbell, and Verdane. Even within Grandbell, two ethnically distinct groups, the Ryuugumi and the Scuns, vied for independence. The globe that had once been united under the banner of Alent fell into squabbling factions.

The Explosion that ended the Second Age seemed to destroy what was left of Alent. However, some Alentian ruins survived to the days of the Third Age underneath the continent of Libaterra. A man named Jemuel appeared during the later years of the Great War and protected Central Libaterra from various threats. He and his mages rebuilt the destroyed Libaterran capital, Lutherin, after the Reactor Core Explosion and renamed it Alent to honour the ancient empire.

The Magicracy of Alent was born, and the mages unearthed the ancient ruins where they found mysterious technology. They learned to harness this ancient knowledge and technology in 1017 AE when they built the Imperator which was the first functioning airship in ages.

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