Status: Dead
Age: 40 (at time of death)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Red Mage
Nation: Grandbell
Faction: Alenia
Era: Third Age
"The interests of Grandbell, you say, Sir Lysander? How, pray tell, is warmongering in our interests? Grandbell is undergoing a period of turmoil unknown since the War of Independence. We cannot afford to spare soldiers who would otherwise protect OUR citizens. Alenia cannot afford the police staff. We cannot afford to arm them, we cannot afford to feed them, and we cannot afford to transport them. You may speak of honour all you wish, Sir Lysander, but I speak only of reality. We cannot help ourselves, leave alone Finwal."
—Adevia to Lysander Trathiel

Queen Adevia was the ruler of Alenia, the first province of Grandbell to declare independence during the Grandbell Civil War. She ended up becoming a major threat in the war and caused the death of Alain Silverbranch. She was eventually defeated and executed for treason at the war's end.


Early YearsEdit

Adevia ruled Alenia, a province of Grandbell, as a Premier in the Second Age. When Taro Ofuchi was slain in the final year of the Ofuchi Usurpation period, his death left a power vacuum in Grandbell. Adevia realized that her dreams of an independent Alenia could finally be realized, and she began gathering supporters to begin her ambitious plans to declare independence. Until then, she sat on the Council of Grandbell's Provisional Government, acting as the representative of Alenia.

Civil WarEdit

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When Arawn Losstarot took over Augustia, and King Finwald appeared before the Council in person to ask for Grandbell's aid to reclaim Augustia from Arawn's Mullencamp, Adevia swayed most of the Council on her side by arguing that warmongering wasn't in Grandbell's interests and that their kingdom's resources were better spent elsewhere. She also did this to gain enough popularity among councillor so she could slowly make them back up her plans to break free from the central government and to give herself more power.

Adevia was responsible for convincing most of the rebel factions, including Khasra I's Scundia, to break away from the provisional government of Grandbell, which quickly escalated into the Grandbell Civil War as the loyalist forces tried to subdue the rebel factions.

She hated King Derek, really hated Sir Lysander, and had Alain Silverbranch, who was spying on her activities, tortured to death.


Adevia was slain by Despard Silverbranch who avenged his brother's death in the final year of the Civil War.

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Adevia's title in the Council of the Provisional Government of Grandbell before she declared independence.

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