Adela al-Saif
Status: Alive
Age: 44
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Sarquil
Gender: Female
Class: Mystic Knight
Nation: Libaterra
Era: Third Age

Sultana Adela al-Jamila bint Meher al-Saif (lit. Queen Adela [Just], Beautiful Daughter of Meher [Benevolent] of the Sword Tribe) is the High Cleric of the Clergy of Artemicia and member of the House of Saif noble family in the Sultanate of Karaganda. She plotted the murder of her twin sister Razia al-Saif and usurped the throne while sending her nephew Khalid al-Saif into exile. She used to lead the Sarquil tribes until the Grand Alliance deposed her in the Battle of Vanna. Adela has joined forces with the Crimson Coalition in hopes of taking back her throne from Khalid.


Early YearsEdit

Life in the PalaceEdit

Sultana Meher al-Saif, the head of House of Saif, or the Sword Tribe, gave birth to twin daughters Razia and Adela in Vanna. The birth of twins was very uncommon among the Sarquil, and thus people began whispering about all sorts of prophecies and that the girls were destined to do something which would shape the fate of the Sarquil tribes forever. Meher ignored such murmurings and raised her daughters the best way she could.

When Adela and Razia turned 18, their mother was challenged to a duel as the Sarquil laws dictated. To the girls' surprise Meher lost and was promptly executed for being weak. Adela seemed content with this because she considered herself too weak to challenge her mother's killer. Razia, however, took matters into her own hands and immediately challenged the surviving duelist. This had never been done in the Sarquil tribes before, and it caused quite an uproar. However, Razia was eventually allowed to duel with her mother's killer, and she bested her and became the new Sultana of Vanna.

During her reign Razia met a traveller named Belial de Ardyn. She was fascinated by his magic and began spending more time with him as she learned more of the outside world. Meanwhile Belial learned the Sarquil customs, and he and Razia grew closer. Adela was also infatuated with Belial, but he rejected her advances because he had his eyes on Razia.

The relationship between Belial and Razia eventually led to Razia's pregnancy, and she gave birth to two healthy boys, Sumrah and Khalid, over the years. Sumrah was taken away because his brown hair would have instantly given the nobles the proof of who Sumrah's father had been, and Razia wanted to protect Sumrah from the accusations of being the son of an infidel.

However, Khalid remained in Vanna after his birth because he looked more like a Sarquil. The ever-observant nobles nevertheless began whispering about who the father might be, but Razia never made it public. The nobles knew to keep their noses out of it; after all, it was common that the sultanas slept with many men, and Razia was no exception. As long as Khalid looked like a Sarquil, he had nothing to worry about.

The Golden YearsEdit

Belial could only stay for short periods of time because he was occasionally recalled back to Maar Sul for reasons he never explained. Adela continued to flirt with Belial whenever the count came to Vanna, but he never returned her feelings, which made Adela more bitter. She began sleeping with other men as a way of forgetting her sorrows, and it was around this time that she discovered that she could not have children.

While Adela was wallowing in self-pity and was at her most vulnerable, she was contacted by the agents of the Clergy of Artemicia. They used their oratory skills to manipulate her and made her join their ranks. Adela got to feel the illuminating beauty of Artemicia herself within her, and she got addicted to that divine power. She had finally found a means in which to be better than her sister. If she could have a powerful goddess on her side, she might be able to win Belial's heart and show that she was superior to Razia. She began training for the magical arts in secret.

Meanwhile Razia began using many of the ideas Belial had introduced her to, and she began the expansion of the territories of the Sword Tribe but not by means of force but by diplomacy. Her strategy seemed to work even if the Black Guard wished for more action. Luckily the captain of the guard, Ismail, found Razia's ideas interesting and kept his men in check. A time of peace and prosperity entered into Vanna, and some still remember that time as the Golden Years.

However, the Yamatian Invasion and the Great War ended that tranquility. Although the Sarquil tribes managed to keep the invading Yamatians out, they lost many brave warriors. Adela began complaining to Razia about the state the tribes had fallen in and suggested that Vanna should unite all the bickering tribes by force so that they could stand a chance against any invaders. Razia was reluctant to do this at first but realized that she had to proceed faster with her diplomacy or her sister's prophecy of doom would come true.

Distreyd EraEdit

Wielder of DawnEdit

"I present you with Dawn, a sword worthy of a warrior such as yourself. Nergal and Artemicia have heard of your bravery in combat and they decided that you're the one who is destined to carry this blade! So here, take this gift and accept the blessing of the gods. Strike fear to the hearts of your enemies and let nothing stand in your way!"
—Adela to Varalia Earthhaven

By the time the Yamatians had invaded Aison, Adela had risen to the rank of high cleric in the clergy. She was soon contacted by Artemicia herself who gave her a magic sword named Dawn and ordered her to deliver it to a cleric of Nergal named Varalia Earthhaven. Artemicia could not do it herself because her rival gods such as Hephaestus and Cardia wanted to get their hands on a blade and if she gave Varalia the sword herself, the other gods would take the blade from her as soon as they noticed it.

Although Adela was confused by this sudden mission, she nevertheless promised to deliver the sword to Adela. She reached the Aisonian capital, Myridia, a few weeks later and presented the sword to Varalia. She first tested the blade against the elfess who was beaten after a short but brutal fight. Although Varalia had lost, Adela saw her fit enough to wield the blade and gave it to her because that was Artemicia's will. She also explained that Varalia's new task would be to keep an eye out on the wielder of Dusk and capture that sword if possible so that the gods could use both Dusk and Dawn as their instruments.

Adela wondered what Artemicia had in store for the elfess but whatever it was, she was certain that it would benefit her in the long run. She quickly returned back to Vanna after saying farewell to Varalia. There was still much to be done to please her goddess.

Plotting a TakeoverEdit

The Great War ended in the Cataclysm, and the demons began attacking the Tronin Desert. Adela was furious of Razia's unwillingness to use force to unite the tribes, and she blamed her for the downfall of the Sarquil tribes. She felt that she should've been the one to lead the tribes because by now she had grown into a powerful warrior mage thanks to Artemicia's guidance and she saw herself as a more fitting leader of the tribes.

When a wandering mage named Iblis al-Djinn appeared, the hierarchy of power began stirring in Vanna. Adela began consulting Iblis who was knowledgeable of matters of the outside world, and he too shared Adela's willingness to act. Artemicia's power gave Adela the confidence she needed, and she and Iblis began plotting. Around this time more and more members of the Clergy of Artemicia began entering Vanna in secret to prepare for the takeover.

Adela had more reasons for opposing her twin sister than politics, however. She was bitter that Razia had given birth to two healthy sons whose father was Belial, the man Adela loved with fiery passion. Adela herself was barren, and she was furious that her sister had a family and she did not. Iblis used his charisma to influence Adela who in turn used her magic and beauty to manipulate Ismail's son Razoul. The three formed a deadly group and grew more powerful while the outside world was in the state of chaos in the aftermath of the Cataclysm.

Sultana of VannaEdit

Razia was killed in a duel by her sister Adela in 1007 AE. This duel was the result of Adela's frustration and Iblis's manipulation. Adela wanted to unite the tribes and she was also jealous of Razia's son because Adela herself was deemed barren. She slew Razia, hoping to gain Belial's love that way. There were murmurings of whether the duel between Razia and Adela had been fair, but Adela quickly silenced those who spoke against her.

The Clergy of Artemicia appeared from the shadows to back up Adela, and from that day on the worship of Artemicia became the norm in Vanna and among the Sarquil tribes: anyone who dared to cling to old traditions would be forced to abandon their beliefs and embrace the new religion. This angered many Sarquil, but they were outnumbered and could not act openly against Adela's new regime.

Razia's supporters such as Ismail and Khalid were driven into exile. To Adela's dismay the exiles were helped by none other than Belial who was furious of Razia's death. Adela realized at that moment that Belial would never accept her, and this made her even more bitter.

However, she had an ace in her sleeve: she sent Awar with Ismail and Khalid. Awar would be Adela's eyes and ears and hopefully use Belial's organization, the Order of the Black Rose, for the benefit of the Clergy of Artemicia. Adela hoped that one day Awar's role as a mole would be useful to her and her goddess. She also made Iblis the Grand Vizier and Razoul the Captain of the Black Guard around this time. The three co-conspirators had succeeded in their goal to wrestle control over Vanna to themselves.

Troubled TimesEdit

Although Razia was dead, her shadow loomed over Vanna and the Sarquil tribes. Her son Khalid had not forgotten her death, and he promised to come back to dethrone Adela. Belial, Razia's lover, had also heard of the circumstances of Razia's death and swore to train Khalid for the inevitable confrontation with Adela who had become the new Sultana of Vanna.

Adela was unhappy that he had not been able to kill her nephew but she knew she had to act as certain traditions dictated in order to keep the Sarquil elders on her side. She, Iblis and Razoul expanded Vanna's control over the neighbouring Sarquil tribes and eventually formed what would be known as the Sultanate of Karaganda.

The sultanate was approached by Harrad U'niviel from the Magicracy of Alent, and he and Adela made a deal which benefited their factions: Alent would provide Vanna with supplies and in exchange Vanna would keep the demons of Yamato out of Libaterra. It wasn't long after that Adela discovered a powerful demon in Vanna but her men were unable to capture or kill it.

A man named Briss Phoenixheart appeared in Vanna during the demon's reign of terror and got close to Adela who saw the same spark in him as in Belial. Adela asked Briss to assassinate the demon spy. This demon was all over the place, but Briss finally caught up to it and slew it.

Briss then worked for Adela and helped rebuild Vanna, forming a somewhat unofficial relationship with her. They spent many secret nights together, and Adela used this as a means to satisfy her needs but also to learn things especially about Maar Sul from him. Briss left once Vanna had been rebuilt, and Adela offered to help him if he ever needed it.

Godslayer EraEdit

Echoes of WarEdit

"Foolish old man, corruption seeps into your capital, and you do naught to stop it."
"Do not question the loyalty I have for this world, Lady al-Saif, for my wisdom reaches far beyond yours and I have done everything but give up my position."
—Adela and Harrad U'niviel

Time passed, and Adela met the elderly Harrad U'niviel again in 1017 AE. Harrad had travelled to Vanna to inform her that the Council of Mages would not send supplies to Vanna anymore. This made Adela furious, but Harrad managed to calm her down by saying that he would do anything in his power to convince Jemuel and the other mages to continue the trade because both factions depended on it.

Harrad returned to Alent, but Adela was worried now that she realized that she would not be able to feed all her people anymore. She had noticed that Harrad was worried, and she suspected that something bad was happening in Alent. She realized that she could no longer rely on Alent alone and that she had to find other allies before the demons of Yamato would find out that the sultanate was growing weaker.

A Crimson DawnEdit

"Krystallopyr will be made anew, and its power will be unleashed upon our enemies! The Sarquil tribes will rise, and together with Artemicia's guiding light and Nergal's strength we'll succeed in what our ancestor Tronin, the First Sarquil, began millennia ago!"
—Adela addressing the clerics of Artemicia

Awar used his magical link with Adela to inform her that he had recovered a shard of Krystallopyr during his adventures with the Grand Alliance. Adela was pleased by this news because she knew the history of Krystallopyr well thanks to her connections with Artemicia and Iblis. If she could reforge Krystallopyr, she could use its immense powers to destroy all of her enemies and she would no longer have to rely on anyone else for protection.

Adela addressed the clerics of Artemicia while the Fellowship of Maar Sul was staying at Vanna to resupply. She explained that despite the lack of goods from Alent the Sarquil would soon gain the power of Krystallopyr as their own. Adela said that her agent, whose true identity as Awar she kept hidden, had already managed to secure a shard of that it and that Artemicia herself was supporting the plan to reforge it and use its powers for the benefit of her people.

The Sarquil and the clerics of Artemicia were thrilled to hear such important news, but the Fellowship of Maar Sul and especially Leon Alcibiates were not happy to hear about it. Had Adela known that her goddess's enemies were so close, she would have arrested them. However, the fellowship managed to leave Vanna before their identities had been discovered, and Adela and Iblis began preparations to use the Black Stone of Vanna to reforge Krystallopyr.

It was around this time that a group of Totenkopfs led by Benedick and Beatrice contacted Adela and presented her with a boy, Hannibal Losstarot, who was the son of the leader of the Crimson Coalition. They told her that if she promised to keep the boy with her for a while and present him as her son, they would make it worth her while. Interested in such a strange proposal, Adela agreed and was given warriors from the Totenkopfs' ranks as a sign of goodwill. She hoped to use Hannibal as a means to gain the Coalition on her side, and she wondered if the Totenkopfs would turn out to be useful to her as well.

Tears of the SunEdit

"The demon hordes, renegade gods, monsters in the desert, invading infidels from abroad... any of these could've crushed us years ago if I hadn't brought peace to this land with the help of my goddess!"
"You may have brought stability to the tribes but at what cost? What sort of life is it if we proud Sarquil, who have conquered many nations, end up in the same position as the lesser races we have enslaved? We're better than that!"
—Adela and Ismail

Adela had an audience with The Three who had come to inform her that a group of people led by none other than Khalid al-Saif were on their way to Vanna to dethrone her. Dusty, the spokesman of the Three, also proposed an alliance between the Crimson Coalition and the Sarquil. Adela was interested in the news they had brought but reminded the trio that they had not yet earned her trust. She ordered them to keep an eye on Khalid and the Grand Alliance. However, she was shocked to hear of the death of Belial and barely managed to calm herself. She had hoped to see Belial one more time, but fate had other plans.

When the time came for the confrontation with Khalid, Adela was prepared for any tricks Khalid might have. The two had a war of words, both trying to force the other into a metaphoric corner. However, this verbal battle was even until Adela tipped the scale on her favour by referring to Hannibal who was sitting next to her as her son. She knew that Khalid knew that as long as she claimed that she had a son, it would be difficult for Khalid to accuse her of anything or challenge her without going through various necessary Sarquil rites beforehand. This would make it legally impossible for Khalid to act without losing his face.

Adela enjoyed taunting her opponents who were now at a loss of what to do. She provoked many of them and gave justifiable accusations of their masters' misdeeds such as referring to the betrayal of Alentians. She was surprised to see Briss Phoenixheart among the heroes of the Alliance, but she realized that if things got worse, she might be able to use Briss as her pawn. However, she was worried to see so many prominent people with the Alliance such as Prince Leon Alcibiates of Maar Sul and King Khasra III of Scundia.

The Sultana was also intrigued when she noticed one of the heroes, Axikasha Keiran, carrying Dawn. The two exchanged a few words in a cold tone about the blade, the role of the Sarquil and Artemicia. Iblis tried to use Ax's harsh speech as a way of proving that the Grand Alliance had offended Adela. He told the Sultana that now she could execute the heroes with ease because they had broken the etiquette of the court. Before Adela could tell her soldiers to attack, Ismail barged in and prevented the execution just in time by referring to the Law of Tronin.

Just as the negotiations were about to turn for the Grand Alliance's favour, Artemicia herself appeared to even things out. She had a brief verbal duel with various heroes and then trapped Khalid and Xerathas d'Zarnagon inside a giant, magical hourglass. She challenged Ax and the other heroes to travel to the lands of the Sirithai and bring back the head of the Sirithai leader in a week, or else Khalid and Xerathas would drown in sand. The heroes realized that completing this quest would be the only way to become legitimate in the eyes of the Sarquil to challenge Adela, so they left the throne room and prepared for the journey ahead.

Adela could not help but smile. The Sirithai were known for being bloodthirsty, and she was certain even Ax, the current bearer of Dawn, could not be a match for them. And even if the group was successful in the quest, it would help Adela get rid of the Sirithai who had been a thorn on her side for too long. In short, it was a win-win situation for the Sultana and the Clergy of Artemicia.

The Winds of WrathEdit

"You've run out of tricks at last, haven't you? It won't take long, now: once my nephew is gone, you'll answer for all your crimes. You will hand Awar and the Sirithai leader over to us for questioning, you will give us the shard of Krystallopyr which is rightfully ours, you will sign a treaty which guarantees that the Alliance and Alent will leave us in peace, and you will cease your foolish attempt to destroy what countless generations of Sarquil have built over the millennia. Admit it, you've lost!"
—Adela to the Grand Alliance

One of the central wells of Vanna was poisoned, and many slaves died as a result. This caused an uproar, and the slaves began rioting. Adela was annoyed by this and ordered Razoul to take care of the rioters one way or another. She also sent a few of her warriors to arrest Jonathan Ferron when an anonymous tip told her that Ferron had been seen with poison vials.

Suspecting it to be the work of The Three, Adela was more than happy to use the trio's actions as a means to frame Ferron and the Grand Alliance for the poisonings. This would ensure that the Alliance would not be able to rally support from the citizens should they return alive from the Sirithai lands. Meanwhile Iblis had already captured Nalaen Silverpond, a member of the Grand Alliance, who would be used in the dark ritual to reforge Krystallopyr.

However, what Adela had not expected was the sudden appearance of Harrad U'niviel in her throne room. Harrad became furious when he saw Khalid and Xerathas in the magic hourglass and told Adela that he had come to offer support but now had to take matters into his own hands because he sensed pure evil within the city. The old summoner was about to break the magical hourglass which contained the two prisoners but before he could finish the job, Adela was possessed by Artemicia and used the goddess's powers to stop Harrad. The two had a brief but brutal duel, and Harrad was forced to flee but not before injuring Adela.

As Adela healed herself, she heard from a guard that the heroes of the Grand Alliance had returned with Qadohi, the leader of the Sirithai. She grew worried when she heard that one of her trusted warriors, Obama, was nowhere to be found. The heroes had succeeded against all the odds and now she would have to use the poisonings and Hannibal as a means to set a trap for the Alliance.

The Sultana also hoped that her agent Awar had succeeded in his mission to recharge the shard of Krystallopyr. Iblis reassured Adela that it would only be a matter of time before the shard would be in their possession and they could begin the ritual, but the Sultana wondered if Iblis's plan would actually work. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Adela talked to Beatrice and promised to join the Crimson Coalition in order to get the Totenkopfs as reinforcements for the eventual battle with the heroes.

The heroes reached the throne room, and the stage was set. Adela immediately noticed that the heroes no longer treated Awar as a companion but as a prisoner. This made it clear to Adela that they had discovered Awar's treachery. The Alliance's intentions became clear when Ismail told Adela that Artemicia's ultimatum had had a loophole: she had ordered the heroes to bring back the head of Qadohi but she hadn't specified that the head had to be detached. This, Ismail claimed, meant that the heroes had done their duty and now Khalid and Xerathas had to be set free.

Artemicia suddenly appeared in the throne room in her godflesh and mocked the heroes' efforts and questioned their recent actions and concept of honour. Adela used the opportunity to add fuel to the flame by taunting her seemingly beaten opponents. She had won at last!

However, the Sultana's joy was short-lived; the god Hephaestus appeared all of a sudden and shattered the magic hourglass, setting Khalid and Xerathas free in the process. Hephaestus and Artemicia then returned to the High Plane to settle their differences, and Adela realized that she would have to act quickly unless she wanted to lose everything.

Khalid initially dueled Adela with words like he had done during their earlier confrontation. He accused Adela and Iblis of murdering Razia in a dishonourable way and challenged them to a duel. Adela acted quickly and put Hannibal between him and Khalid, thus forcing Khalid to decide whether to sacrifice the life of the boy to get to her. She knew well that if Khalid attacked the boy first to get to her, he would dishonour himself in the process and be unfit to challenge her, and it would also give Adela a legal reason to execute everyone in the Alliance with the Sarquil elders' approval.

Khalid almost fell into the Sultana's trap. However, the sudden arrival of the Vulfsatz changed everything when they attacked both Adela's forces and the Grand Alliance in a bid to save Hannibal. As if that wasn't enough, a large group of Sirithai emerged from the ground, and Adela realized that the heroes had prepared for her treachery. The throne room was swarmed by clerics of Artemicia, warriors of the Black Guard and Totenkopfs who attacked the heroes and the Vulfsatz. The Battle of Vanna had begun.

Iblis used the ensuing chaos to his advantage by setting Awar free, recapturing the shard of Krystallopyr and kidnapping Qadohi. They and Adela then hurried up the tower to the Black Stone where the imprisoned Nalaen was already waiting, and Iblis set dozens of fire-breathing imps free to stall anyone who tried to follow them. While the heroes were busy fighting, Adela and Iblis would finally reforge Krystallopyr and then use the completed Krystallopyr's powers to wipe out the heroes with ease.

A small group of heroes managed to get up the tower while the rest stayed behind to fight against Adela's forces and the Vulfsatz. Iblis managed to stab Nalaen with the shard of Krystallopyr and charged it with her lifeforce. Adela took it from the limp body of Nalaen and was about to place it into the Black Stone when she was interrupted by Xerathas who revealed his true colours to her and the heroes. Xerathas had only been co-operating with the heroes out of necessity and was now trying to take the shard from Adela in order to use the shard for the benefit of his Grey Cult. This betrayal forced the heroes to divide their forces to face both Adela's and Xerathas's posses.

While Xerathas and the heroes were busy fighting, Awar picked up the shard and placed into the Black Stone where it began its slow transformation into the full magical blade. Meanwhile Adela tried attack Qadohi but Ronove stopped her from killing her. Things escalated even further when Iblis transformed into a terrifying demon and challenged the heroes to a brutal battle. He ordered Adela to return to the throne room to finish Khalid off; if Khalid died, the Alliance couldn't take over Vanna legally anymore.

Adela was shocked by Iblis's true demon nature but she understood that he was right. Khalid had to die if she wanted to stay on the throne. It would also be a way for her to finally put an end to the person who was a living reminder of the love between Belial and Razia which had broken Adela's heart so many years ago. Once Khalid was gone, Adela's victory over Razia would be complete.

In the throne room of Qalat al-Jabal, the very heart of the Sultanate of Karaganda, the aunt and the nephew began their duel at long last. The battle between the two was even until Adela used her magic to make Khalid fall, thus proving to Khalid that she had indeed used magic to cheat in the duel between her and Razia. Just as Adela was about to finish her nephew off, she suddenly saw Khalid using magic to jump back on his feet and kick her scimitar off.

While Khalid contemplated whether to slay her despite Ismail's protests, Adela realized that she might lose her life for real this time. She quickly turned to Briss and asked him to help her, reminding him of the nights they had spent together and what riches she would give him if she co-operated. However, Briss didn't attack Khalid as Adela had expected but instead helped convince Khalid to spare her.

Adela desperately tried to get help from elsewhere and turned to Beatrice and the Totenkopfs who refused to help her and fled because they were now outnumbered by the Alliance's forces. The former Sultana could only grit her teeth as she watched Khalid sit on the throne and take her title. She was then taken to the dungeon with the Vulfsatz and Razoul whom the heroes had beaten.

The news that Adela received after the battle was over were alarming. Iblis had turned out to be a mole for the Southern Horde and had escaped with Awar. Krystallopyr and the Black Stone had been destroyed during the battle, and now a magical ward protecting Vanna had disappeared and would thus allow demons to attack the city with full force.

Everything made sense to Adela at long last: Iblis had been manipulating her from the start and used her as a means to infiltrate the sultanate and gather intel for his demonic masters. He had only helped Adela claim the throne because she had been easier to manipulate than her sister Razia. This news nearly gave Adela a nervous breakdown but she managed to calm herself and promised to make Iblis and the Grand Alliance pay one way or another. She had lost support in the city and was now in prison, so she wouldn't be able to have her revenge anytime soon.

However, Adela's time in prison would turn out to be short-lived because she was soon broken out by none other than Briss. Surprised to see him help her, she questioned him. Briss told her that he had only waited for the right time to join her and that it was easier to free her this way than face the might of the Alliance himself in the throne room.

The two met with Benedick and Beatrice during the escape. Beatrice promised to make up for her abandoning Adela earlier by helping her escape from the city. She told Adela and Briss to seek out a Totenkopf named Zenobia who would provide them with a means to get away from Vanna before anyone would noticed what had happened. It turned out that Zenobia was already waiting for the duo near the gates, and they left the city in a hurry. Adela was content: although she had lost her city, she was still alive and she would now travel to her new allies in the Crimson Coalition and use their manpower to take over her sultanate from Khalid. To her revenge would be a dish best served cold.

Sowing SeasonEdit

Adela, Briss and Zenobia had managed to escape from Vanna but they now faced a new problem: they were running low on supplies. They decided to reach the Great River of Libaterra so that they could access the heartlands of the Crimson Coalition as soon as possible and find supplies there.

The journey to the river was eventless but once they reached it, they noticed that the forces of Alent and the Coalition were on different sides of the river. It would be difficult to get across without being seen by the mages of Alent. Briss used his skills as a former SAVAGE operative and managed to get the group across the river in the end. However, they were caught by a Coalition patrol, but Zenobia managed to convince the lieutenant to take the group to meet with General Leopold Lain.

The meeting with Leopold went smoothly, but Adela was surprised to find out that the Coalition had also caught another group which included Jono Renfield, Vaetris Redfield and Hannibal Losstarot. To Adela's horror, Leopold suggested that the two groups should travel together to Trinity Gask because they would have strength in numbers and he couldn't spare any of his men except one scout as an escort. The two groups were taken to a nearby tent to discuss whether to follow Leopold's plan or not.

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Day of the DamnedEdit

Adela arrived at Reign with various priors in order to attend the festivities of the Day of the Damned during which she and the clerics would judge various criminals and anyone else who had acted against the Clergy of Artemicia's interests.

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A Cry in the DarkEdit

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Deceiver's GambitEdit

Adela returned to Trinity Gask where she informed the Coalition of what had transpired in Reign although she left out a few key details in her report to Hannibal. She then addressed the crowd in the city and announced that the Tsèni Tournaments had officially begun to celebrate both Reign siding with the Coalition as well as the Coalition's breakthrough in the Battle of the Rivers

Aliases and NicknamesEdit

Her title as the daughter of the reigning Sultana.
High Cleric
Adela's title in the Clergy of Artemicia.
Lady al-Saif
A title given to Adela by ambassadors.
Sultana of Vanna
Her title in the sultanate, still used by some even after she was dethroned.
Your Majesty
Used by Adela's subjects.


"That woman was sexy in a Venus fly trap sort of way."
Dusty about Adela

Adela, like her late sister Razia al-Saif, is very beautiful although her cold eyes make her look rather sinister. She is rather tall and looks fragile although she is stronger than she looks. She is clad in clothes with a combination of blue, gold and white which represent the royal colours of the Sarquil tribes.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"What a dirty whore."
Khasra III about Adela

Adela cares little for most people's emotions and sleeps with people in one night stands although afterwards she tends to discard her prtners. She looks lovely and acts in a seemingly polite manner, but her smiles often hide a cold, uncaring personality within. She is usually very calm but if she gets furious, heads will roll. She is loyal to her goddess Artemicia and will stop at nothing to carry out her will.

However, that cold exterior hides something far more fragile within: an unsecure woman whose inability to give birth is a shadow that looms over her. Her feelings for Belial de Ardyn were genuine, but him rejecting her affected her more deeply than she cared to admit. She is constantly trying to prove herself and to show she is powerful and cunning but in the end that may only be a means to gain respect in the eyes of others and perhaps find someone who can relate to her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Adela knows basic black and white magic and is quite skilled in swordplay for a cleric because of her Sarquil upbringing.



Awar worked for Razia in the court of Vanna but also got along with Adela until Razia died. Adela sent him into exile along with Ismail and Khalid al-Saif. Although she tolerated Awar, she was repulsed by his deformity. Awar, however, saw Adela as a goddess just like Razia had been although he was sad to see that she would never reach her sister in wisdom.

Belial de ArdynEdit

During his time in Vanna, Belial de Ardyn found himself next to Sultana Razia's twin sister, Adela. She had fallen in love with him, but he did not return her feelings. This caused jealousy in Adela who could not see what Belial saw in Razia that Adela did not have. Their friendship turned cold and eventually escalated up to the point that Adela killed Razia in a duel and sent Razia's son Khalid into exile. Belial took Khalid with him and did not return to Vanna in the years since. However, Adela still has feelings for Belial, the only man she has truly cared for.

Briss PhoenixheartEdit

Adela and Briss Phoenixheart had a sexual relationship. It made many Sarquil angry because they did not want their beloved sultana to sleep with an infidel, but they respected her so they did not pursue the matter further. Briss seemed to enjoy Adela's company, but Adela only used Briss to satisfy her own needs. Some court members rumoured that Adela only slept with Briss because he reminded her of Razoul who had not slept with her. The relationship between Adela and Briss ended when Briss left, and it seems Adela has all but forgotten Briss's existence: for her it was nothing but a short-term relationship based on pleasure.

Iblis al-DjinnEdit

Iblis al-Djinn appeared in Vanna around the time of the Cataclysm, although some rumours claim that he had been around much earlier. Although he was a foreigner and possessed powerful magic, his wisdom and strength made the Sarquil see him as a useful ally. This was especially true of Adela who wished to learn magic in order to impress Belial. She and Iblis got along well, and eventually the two realized that Razia's reluctance of waging war would only hinder the glory of a united Sarquil realm. Iblis helped Adela defeat Razia in a duel and became the Grand Vizier. Adela trusts him above anyone else, and although Iblis looks like an obedient servant and a trustworhty advisor, it is certain that he is more than meets the eye.


Ismail had never paid much attention to Adela, mainly because he was busy serving her sister Razia. Adela did not see much in Ismail who she saw as a coward for following Razia's advice, and this sentiment turned worse when Adela became the new Sultana of Vanna. She knew that Ismail had been loyal to Razia whom she had killed, so she decided to send him into exile in order to strip him of the Black Guard's support. Ismail never forgave Adela's treachery, but he chose to act politely in front of her out of respect for the title she held even if he did not respect her as a person.

Khalid al-SaifEdit

Adela never really liked Khalid, and the feeling was mutual. Maybe it was because both had a stubborn nature, although some claimed that this animosity stemmed from Adela's inability to have children, which would have made her jealous of Razia who had had Khalid. Whatever the reason ended up being, Adela nevertheless challenged Razia and won, killing her in front of Khalid. Although Khalid knew the Sarquil laws, he kept insisting that Adela had cheated and that the fight had been unfair. Adela got furious at such insults and ordered Khalid driven into exile. From that day on Khalid has been honing his skills, hoping to meet his aunt again and avenge Razia's death.

Razia al-SaifEdit

Adela and Razia were close as sisters although Adela was always the more violent one. When Belial arrived and Razia fell in love, Adela felt as if she had been betrayed although she also began caring for Belial. Things turned even more awkward when Razia gave birth to Khalid whereas Adela remained barren which in Sarquil culture is a great sin. This made Adela desperate and she began blaming Razia for witchcraft and various other preposterous crimes. This eventually culminated in a bloody duel between the sisters in which Razia lost her life.


Razoul respects Adela as a mother figure. While Razoul's mother Jamila has become weaker because of an illness, Adela is still strong despite her graceful figure. Adela became quite fond of Razoul and tried to make advances, but Razoul did not see himself fit to sleep with a sultana whom he respected above anything else. This infuriated Adela who eventually slept with Briss who resembled Razoul, but Razoul himself did not mind what Adela did with her life, as his only task was to protect her from her enemies.

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Adela al-Saif
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