Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Nation: Andaria
Era: Fourth Age

Abyzou is a demon and single mother of Vesna and Vesnik. The family lives in the slums of the Imperial City in Andaria in the Fourth Age although every now and then Abyzou is approached by the High Legions which try to recruit her into their ranks. When Vesnik was affected by exposure to the Anomaly, Abyzou reluctantly accepted help from Lucius Locke and other non-demons to remove the unstable magic from within her son. After Lucius and his companions had helped cure Vesnik, Abyzou offered to reward Lucius at the Nymphaeum Baths, which led to the two of them having an intimate encounter, although Abyzou ended up losing Vesnik anyway when the Ruby Legion forcibly took the boy to the Andariel Academy for further study despite Abyzou's protests.

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